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MXP Browser
Is a free utility designed to allow users who do not have
MasterCook - Program on their computers to conveniently view MasterCook Recipes files compiled in to books
(MXP files).
It is not intended as a substitute for MasterCook.
The MXP Browser Developed by Ryan Walberg
This is a freeware program
The *.MXP Viewer will allow you to view and print the contents of an *.MXP file (MasterCook export format) alphabetically or by category. You can download the program here.
All the downloads here can be used with this MXP Browser.

Note: (1) After downloading the program move it to a new folder and give it a name and place the folder in your  C:\ drive.
Note: (2) After downloading the Cook Books & when they are unzipped place them in your new folder.
Note: (3) After everything is downloaded go to the new folder and right click the Mxpview.exe & select create shortcut drag the shortcut (Mxpview.exe) to your desktop and your ready to go.

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