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Well Lets See What's In The Soup
Requested Recipes

  Potato Salad
  Macaroni Salad
  Sweet Potato Pudding
  Giblet Gravy
  Sage Dressing
  New England Clam Chowder
  Cranberry Chutney
  Yakisoba Salad
  Jamaican "Jerk" Chicken
  Sweet Potato Salad
What's Happening

The abt. Chef  Will post any food item that you wish, just fill in the Request A Recipe, Formula, Special Method, Procedure, Trick, Technique and or Secret in food service for your needs at Home or in the Industry, I'll   Post it on the net or I'll E-mail you back asp.
Go and ask The abt. ChefIam Still Watching You

 Go and ask The abt. Chef Request
Food Items Soon To Be Posted:


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Expanded Requested Recipes

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What's for Dinner

Pizza, Wraps & Panini The List


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What's for Dinner

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