The Apocrypha

The word Apocrypha means secret or hidden books. Read II Esdras 14:26, "And when thou hast done, some things publish, and some things shalt thou show secretly to the wise."

        The collected records of the Hebrew Israelites that were recorded during the time at the end of the prophet Malachi to the first coming of Christ in the Bible. This time period is recorded in the book called the "Apocrypha".

Books of the Apocrypha

1. I Esdras
2. II Esdras
3. Tobit
4. Judith
5. The rest of Esther
6. The Wisdom of Solomon
7. Ecclesiasticus chapters 1-25
8. Ecclesiasticus chapters 26-51
9. Baruch, with the epistle of Jeremiah
10. The song of the three Holy Children
11. The history of Susanna
12. Bel and the Dragon
13. The prayer of Manasses
14. I Maccabees
15. II Maccabees