Bible Plus For Windows

Freeware Version Bible Plus is an outstanding achievement in transferring the King James Bible to electronic media. Bible Plus supports a comfortable Windows interface, very easy-to-use search routines, and a full-featured online help screen. It uses a standard Windows setup screen, requiring you to input only the destination drive and path. A key feature in this program is the constant reminder of your place in the Bible--a small window at the top of the program keeps track of the chapter and verse currently in the viewing window. Also included is a sermon/note builder with standard Windows cut-and-paste features. This program would complement any household computer system.

System Requirements
Windows 3.x win95/98 .. xp win 7, 8, it may say are you sure you wont to download, it works fine on my win 7

win 10 it will not load at all so try if you have a 32bit it may work but because on my 64bit it doesn't load

Download Bible Plus

Public Domain.
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Bible Plus is offered as a public service by Contact Plus Corporation. Bible Plus is free and unsupported. The entire program can be redistributed without charge.

ZDNet calls Bible Plus an "outstanding achievement in transferring the King James Bible to electronic media."