What's A Techno literate?ICON
Someone like you who wants to learn!
Acquire Knowledge to become a Techno literate.
1. Use key web sites to learn from and to stay in touch. "A must do"!
2. Do Once a week to fine tune yourself to become the best you can be on whatever you like to do on the web/or on your pc.
3. A vast inter loop of knowledge. So take in all you can and remember Repeat/Repeat - Read/Read. Learning comes by practice, exercise, acquiring experience and making mistakes and learning by them.
4. So have fun don't make it a burdensome task. And again learning comes by repetitiveness until it becomes second nature then later you'll say to yourself well this is easy, can't understand why others don't know?
5. When others ask you something about the pc or the internet, "well now you can tell them to start their journey to become a Techno literate.

"Have a Notable Event That Marks The Beginning Of Something New"

Glenn E Nelsen

abt. Ready or prepared to do something